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#spasime initiative and SOLIDARNA foundation are establishing fund#spasime in order to provide specific and interventional care for the victims of domestic violence in terms of economical, legal, psichological, medical and residential help. Joint idea for Fund establishment is developed out of the need to raise the public awareness about the increasing problem of domestic, partner or any other form of violence. Fund's role is to do what institutions can not and that is to act immediately.

Fund will use the donations for the urgent help to victims of any form of violence. Victims will have the right to legal and medical care as well as all psichoterapeutical expenses coverage, residential expenses, basic needs expenses, educational expenses for the working system inclusion, phone and travel expenses for consultations access, allowances for personal needs not provided by the shelters, expenses for damage repair of the things necessary for everydays life damaged during the violent acts, recontruction surgery expenses, help in the households and expenses for the murdered victim funeral. Along with the expenses covered by the Fund, there are additional expenses such as one-time expenses for the moving inside Croatia if the victim needs to leave the community to avoid violence treath as well as the hotel or motel expenses for a maximum of 7 days if all the shelters are filled or not available.

Fund is run by the Foundation council of the Fund. Resources from the Fund will be assorted by the Foundation board upon the Foundation council recommendations. Foundation's board can decline support in case the recommendation isn't in accordance with the fund#spasime Book of regulations for financial support assignation. Along with the members of Foundation council Sanja Sarnavka, Nerma Mehadžić, Dean Ajduković, Biserka Belicza-Tomljenović and Antonija Petričušić, Fund will be managed by Ivan Blažević, SOLIDARNA foundation secretary.

Precondition for Fund's financial support assignation is contacting SOLIDARNA foundation along with registration of violence at the Police department and Department of Social Services. In order to avoid any abuse of the situation, registration must fulfill certain conditions. Some of the requirements are that Foundation should be contacted by the victim or parent/guardian if child is the victim, that person doesn't have any other available financial resources or does not fulfill terms for other social benefits provided by other public institutions in Republic of Croatia or can't be guaranteed adequate help and protection by the offical system in necessary terms.

Support in financing the regular expenses will be approved by Foundation's council in 15 days period starting from the day of application submission whilst the support for financing urgent expenses will be approved in 24 hours after the application submission.

All payments above HRK 10.000 will be countersigned by the SOLIDARNA Foundation board. SOLIDARNA's director Marina Škrabalo is responsable for the final approval of the payments.

Members of fund#spasime:

Fund #spasime main operative Ivan Blažević, also secretary of the Initiative and Foundation council members Sanja Sarnavka, Nerma Mehadžić, Dean Ajduković, Biserka Belicza-Tomljenović, Antonija Petričušić.

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